What products are eco friendly?

We are committed to doing our part by making our products as gentle on the environment as possible. All of our eco friendly fabrics are made with Organic / Eco-Friendly yarns.

Is your organic cotton certified?

Yes, all of our Organic Cotton is certified by GOTS which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. 

What makes this cotton organic?

Our organic cotton is grown without pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers which can be harmful to the environment.

What are your washing instructions?

We recommend that you follow the instructions for your specific item. 


ETC Revive

Are ETC Revive garments Eco friendly?

ETC Revive garments vary. We source recycled textiles/deadstock textiles for this collection. Therefore this does not guarantee that textiles/materials will be eco friendly. ETC Revive textiles are sustainable because they've been recycled to be revived. 

One of a kind pieces

How can I be sure that an item considered one of a kind/ 1 of 1 will fit?

We understand that this can be a brain buster. We are committed to giving exact measurements per garment. Please read through size charts thoroughly. Additionally, feel free to email us at earthtonedcollective@gmail.com for more information.