Our Approach


Collectively, we believe service and style work side by side in an effort to impact a lifestyle where they both can mutually coexist. We carefully consider our who and our why. It is our ambition to design and manufacture with the Earth in mind, reducing our impact and encouraging you to do the same. For this reason, we are also committed to the fair treatment of all persons involved in the process. When we take care of the Earth, we take care of ourselves and each other. 


As we evolve, we know that there will always be mountains to climb, however new heights offer us the opportunity to transition and grow, further granting us a renewed perspective.  



ETC offers two approaches to sustainability:

    • ETC Eco manufactures garments from organic/raw textiles 

    • ETC Revive manufactures garments from recycled/dead stock textiles.

We prioritize the fair treatment of people before profit. Currently, all garments are produced locally by hand. We work with local manufacturers, and take pride in supporting women artisans. This approach helps to easily monitor and reduce both our social and environmental impact. Local production also ensures that our quality standards are met and results in decreased production time and resource expenditure.  



We rely on materials with dignity: all textiles are sourced with respect to our environment. Earth Toned Collective sources materials globally and locally. We are committed to relying on the most sustainable textiles and trimmings we can find.

Additionally, we utilize recycled and dead stock textiles, reviving them into beautiful new garments and extending their lifespan. These garments are often one of a kind or part of a very small production run.

We want to be fully responsible for the garments we make so we are committed to a more circulatory garment lifespan. We minimize waste from the cutting room floor by recycling our scraps and transforming said scraps into savvy garment details!



Waste not, Want not

Proper care for our garments collectively reduces our negative environmental impact. Doing laundry exerts a significant global footprint, but we all have to do it. When caring for your Earth Toned Collective pieces consider the below:

Washing- Use cold water when washing your garments. Cold water usage protects the dyes reducing color fading. Cold water helps to preserve the fit by preventing shrinkage.

Drying- Although it is quite convenient to just throw your garments in the dryer, we highly recommend hang drying. Hang drying minimizes energy and prolongs the lifespan of your garment. It also gives the room a sweet aroma. 

Hand Wash- Okay so you've worn your ETC garment(s) multiple times, and it's finally wash day. Hand washing is a great alternative to machine washing. Consider filling a washing bin/sink/tub with cold water and adding your favorite detergent. Wash your garment(s) by hand or use a scrubbing brush. Be mindful not to scrub softer materials too hard, but with just enough effort to achieve a clean finish. These items should be rinsed well in cold water, hand squeezed to remove excess water, and hung to dry. 

Dry Cleaning- For garments labeled dry clean only we recommend that you dry clean only when necessary. Consider a dry cleaning service that practices eco friendly washing practices. Bring your own suit bag when picking up garments this way you opt out of a plastic cover. 

Machine Washing + Drying- When placing garment(s) in a washing machine or dryer we advise using the delicate option. Additionally, use of a delicate washing bag can help to maintain the integrity of your goods.

How Can I prolong the life of my Earth Toned Collective garment(s)? 

Repairs- So you've had your garment(s) for sometime and they may be in need of repair. Consider using a local tailor for small fixes. Most of our garments, when possible includes a repair kit which offers an extra button/thread for small repairs. If you experience further issues with your garment(s) please email us at info@earthtonedcollective.com and we will be of service in anyway that we can.

Revive-  If you're decluttering and your ETC garment(s) no longer serve you, consider donating your garment(s) to an organization or someone in need. You can also organize a swap amongst friends or family. 

Less is More.